Pet Guide

Here it finally is the guide you have been looking to find. This article will list some of the best pets a hunter may use as well as their details. Hopefully, it will answer some of your questions and then send you away with a lot of useful information so you may go head first into the world of the unknown with overwhelming confidence.

I will start with listing some of the pets and show you what abilities they have and whatever they eat so you will be able to win every battle with ease. First of all, we’ll focus on those that have the abilities to slow down your enemies which thus give you the chance to focus on whatever it is that you require doing, even if it is running away.

First and foremost, we have the bat which can screech the ears off a deaf monkey. It shares this ability with the owl and the carrion bird as well. This skill is often quite useful during the battles and if you are looking to disorientate your enemy for a while, and before you kill him of course.


If you want to do more damage, you will be happier to find out that the game usually offers animals with a healthy appetite. The carrion bird and the bat will fall into this category along with the cat, bear, crab spider and wolf among others. This ability thus allows the player to be at quite a distance away from the target. It is a straightforward method not to lose any power and also bring down your enemy to his knees. However, sending your small pet to do this dirty work for you comes with its disadvantages such as it getting killed before it even kills your enemies. However, these beasts do not come in at a cheap rate. Therefore, you should be sure to keep this mode of attack right up to the last minute, when you will be sure that your animal can sustain the minimal injuries and cannot die.

It is however said that before you can train and tame your new pet, you need to be disciplined as well. You have to have the willingness to learn from the animal as well as the animal is usually willing to learn from you. As it is with life, everything that has a pulse requires maintaining nutritional eating guidelines thus you need to feed your pets quite appropriately. They eat anything from cheese, bread, fruit, and fungus to anything that can be more substantial such as fish or meat.

If you still want to know the best pet for you, and then be assured that you are not alone in this. Thousands search the internet to find more information about the topic. If you want to learn more about chameleon cage set up, then it is best recommended that you visit the pets guide pro website.


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